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Workflow Automation

In working closely with businesses across fashion, chemical, pharmaceuticals, electronics and more, we have learned that businesses often have to coordinate the work of a number of different groups of people in order to serve their customers.

With processes from Sales and Purchase Quotations and Orders to Warranty Claims to Service and Support Bookings, the list can seem never-ending.

  • Do you notice disparity across processes and documents?
  • Are your documents are often outdated and duplicated?
  • Is locating orders along the workflow time consuming and frustrating?
  • Is it near impossible to find and fix problems in the processes due to a lack of transparency?
  • Does management have to be heavily invested just to keep processes running correctly?

If any of the above questions resonated with you and your business, we can help.

Workflow Automation is a solution built on Microsoft SharePoint which works alongside your existing ERP and/or CRM to automate a lot of the administrative overhead involved in processes that need the input of multiple people in various physical locations.

One of our clients, Napier Turbochargers, has testified that our solution improved their throughput time by more than 60%; the end to end duration of some key processes being reduced from around 5 days to never more than 16 hours. Moreover, every Workflow Automation solution we have delivered has paid back within 12 months.

Customer Story - Business Workflow Automation

Read how Mercurius IT used Microsoft SharePoint to deliver significant productivity improvements for Napier Turbochargers.

Workflow Automation Features and Benefits

Discover the features and benefits of our Workflow Automation solution, built on Microsoft SharePoint.

We’ve been working now with Mercurius for over 5 years, with them providing a total IT Services Outsourcing service for us. Our relationship has been excellent and we’ve always felt that Mercurius are working in our best interests.

They not only understand our business but also how IT can help deliver our objectives. As a business with a global market, our IT infrastructure is fundamental to our competitive success and operational performance, so it’s absolutely critical for us to know it is in safe hands. Mercurius provide a cost effective solution for our IT requirements.

Steven Guy

Napier Turbochargers