Trademark and Product Registration Management

Any business dealing in trademarked products or those restricted by law (medicine, food, toiletries, protective equipment or any other) will understand the struggle of managing the vast amounts of documentation and registration processes that go along with it.

This is only complicated as different countries have their own set of restrictions on product formulation and registration and their own process for registration.

Our solution uses SharePoint technologies to manage the process of creating and renewing product trademarks and registrations, controlling the process itself and also the related documents and versions. Users are alerted of upcoming renewals and expiries and can access data to analyse global status and progress. All the information and actions related to every step of the Trademark and Registration process is stored in one place, resulting in significantly less effort and risk; improving processes and increasing overall organisational productivity.

We implemented the solution for a global brand in the formulation and sale of a range of vitamin and healthcare supplements dealing with complexities in country-based regulation, multinational sales & distribution and fast paced R&D cycles. They now use it to manage over 900 trademarks and more than 8,000 country-specific formulations and product variants.

Customer Story - Global Registration Made Easy

Read how Mercurius used Microsoft SharePoint to ensure compliance with lower costs and risk.