Case Study on PA Ross

Timely and Flexible upgrade to Business Central
2020 10 30 PA Ross Case Study

PA Ross

United Kingdom

Bakery Product Distribution

About PA Ross

PA Ross have spent over 20 years bringing bakery and frozen products from Europe to UK retailers such as Asda, Waitrose, and many more. Their knowledge of the market and relationships with retailers mean they can develop their clients’ products and brands within the UK.

The Challenge

PA Ross had been using Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 alongside Dynamics CRM for Sales in Cloud. NAV 2009 was capable and customised for an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Solution to address sales orders; however, the setup was not efficient or effective and this customised solution made future upgrades more difficult.

On top of this, their NAV 2009 solution was on-premise, making them dependent on an external IT vendor to manage the server.

The Solution

PA Ross were one of the first customers we assisted in moving to D365 Business Central SaaS (Software as a Service), providing a complete Cloud ERP Solution.

Being early adopters of new technology meant that necessary features were not available for a seamless integration of Business Central with third party applications like EDI. To overcome this limitation, we developed a Windows Service which automatically pulled data from EDI into Business Central where sales orders were created and processed, then automatically pushed invoices back into EDI. This gave PA Ross an end-to-end automated solution with minimal manual intervention.

As a further solution improvement, PA Ross wanted to integrate Business Central with D365 CRM Sales, with CRM as the master system. We developed a 2-way integration between Business Central and CRM which enhanced their entire business process

Solution Version and Extensions

  • Upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central SaaS
  • Integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM for Sales & Third-Party EDI Application


With Mercurius IT’s flexible commercial approach, it was easy for PA Ross tro manage this upgrade and gain all the technological benefits available from Microsoft.

  • Transformation from On-Premises to Cloud ERP solution
  • Saved time with a fully automated system using EDI
  • Easily updated information across systems due to CRM integration


“Our 8-year-old server was overheating on the hot days in the summer of 2018 and we had a capable but old version of MS Navision (2009n R1) which we had not patched or updated. I had delayed updating waiting for a robust cloud solution.

Mercurius assured us that Business Central was this product and for a fixed cost, they moved us to this in a timely and professional way. Our server software was too old to interface remotely with Business Central, however, Mercurius accessed the server via a Windows 10 machine and update the data in stages.

There is a great team behind Jay’s confident smile.“

Tim Clifford

Director, PA Ross

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