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2020 10 30 AquaGib JenDev Case Study


United Kingdom

Electric and Water Utilities

About AquaGib

AquaGib is Gibraltar’s supplier of sustainable potable and salt water. They provide outstanding sewage pumping services as well as metering and billing services for water and electricity.

Jersey Electricity PLC is the sole supplier of electricity for Jersey Island. They were using Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 for billing and launched JenDev to further develop this billing software into JenWorks for utilities companies on small islands. JenDev has a broad customer base, but not enough technical manpower on Jersey to keep on developing their product and expand further. They were providing a solution for AquaGib and contracted Mercurius to complete the project.

The Challenge

AquaGib could generate the billing for electricity and water, however, validating the data involved many manual tasks and generating the bills took far too long. They had heavily customised Sage to adapt to utility billing processes and their billing system was outside of Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

AquaGib also had a huge volume of data and weren’t sure how it could all be migrated to a new system. It was critical that this consumer data was 100% accurate because if it is not, then during the next billing cycle; citizens would receive incorrect billing for water and electricity.

The Solution

Before JenDev contracted Mercurius to complete the project, they had implemented JenWorks within Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018. JenWorks enable AquaGib to generate bills within a couple of hours and the process was almost entirely automated, requiring barely any manual input.

We migrated all AquaGib’s data from Sage to JenWorks. Our script ensured the data was 100% accurate so that no errors would be encountered in a billing cycle. All data migration was completed remotely within 2 days.

In addition, AquaGib had been using Microsoft Excel to maintain consumer data for the Government Old Age Pensioner plan. This plan allowed older citizens to pay lower electricity rates during harsher periods like Winter. We developed a module on top of JenWorks and moved the data there, greatly reducing the manual input required to ensure the data was accurate.

Solution Version and Extensions

  • JenWorks billing functionality in Dynamics NAV 2018
  • Government Old-Age Pensioner Plan


Mercurius IT implemented a more efficient billing process for AquaGib which could maintain accurate data. The project was completed on behalf of JenDev and we were glad to assist with implementation. 

  • Faster generation of bills
  • Greater automation, ensuring 100% accurate data
  • JenWorks billing functionality within NAV
  • Migrated all consumer data from Sage to JenWorks
  • Moved GOAP data to module developed on top of JenWorks


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