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Making connections between change and business value.

Improvement Levers

Investing in business change can be tricky, especially where the connections between investments and results are difficult to track. We use Business Benefit Analysis and Enterprise Value Mapping as simple tools to allow you to connect improvement levers with business value, and the changes you need to make to get the most from your investment.

Using tools we’ve developed to embed knowledge from multiple businesses and industries, here’s a selection of the improvement levers you might be able to pull:

  • Maximise enterprise performance by better understanding where your business is, and where it’s going
  • Reduce waste and frustration by removing the time taken to find, process and correct poor data and information through a self-service solution
  • Exploit your extended enterprise by allowing your business partners and customers access to your data for their benefit
  • Improve customer satisfaction and lower costs by allowing customers to track their own orders and answer their own questions
  • Better utilise scarce IT staff by allowing business users to design and create their own queries and reports
  • Negotiate more profitable contracts with customers and suppliers by getting a solid grasp of fact and figures about performance, on-time delivery, returns and price changes
  • Ensure your resources are put to best effect by identifying hidden costs or missed opportunities so limited resources are working on the most profitable products, customers and projects
  • Make money from your existing information as a new product, service or as a competitive differentiator by using it as a value added web-based service and selling it to customers, partners and suppliers
  • Engineer a more productive sales force by analysing their sales patterns and comparing results to targets, figures from previous years or other sales force results. Then target the most profitable customers by product, region or project

and many more…

By making smarter decisions, faster- giving users the means to make better decisions and guaranteeing pragmatic and effective solutions come directly from the people closest to them- also increases employee satisfaction because they control their own processes.

Are you really sure you know what you think you know? Almost all businesses rely on assumptions and rule of thumb. However, it’s worthwhile to challenge these hunches through analysis of operational data, because they can often be wrong.

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