Goods Return Authorisation (GRA)


Customers return goods for a variety of reasons. For example, goods could be damaged and the customer has requested a replacement, or a customer has not returned the goods but wants the credit for overcharge price to them. Depending on the reason, the document needing processed will have to be changed.

The Solution

Mercurius IT has developed a module for Microsoft Dynamics NAV / Business Central which creates goods return and replacement documents in a more automated way. It enables users to keep track of activities that arise during the returns process. In addition, the module can raise corrective documents for incorrectly raised sales documents. This module is particularly useful for businesses in Retail & Distribution but is suitable for any industry.

Features and Benefits

    • Greater speed and organisation by processing return transactions in a more automated way
    • Multiple options/actions available to create types of documents for various return reason codes
    • Process transactions accurately and efficiently
    • Completely configurable according to different types of return-related business process

Technology Stack

  • Core Modules: Dynamics NAV/ Business Central Add On that enhances “Goods Returns Functionality” of Returns Management Process
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