BI Solutions

Making Business More Agile

BI Solutions

Business Intelligence is a source of continuous improvement. This is all about ‘agility’, being able to respond before competitors to changes in customers’ behaviour, suppliers & distributor’s performance, and internal actions, meaning a better chance of growing & becoming more profitable.

By integrating into decision making and management processes, BI can deliver value over the longer term, as an ongoing source of performance improvement. BI allows all business critical information to be put in one place, in a way which is not only up to date, but also where a ‘single version of truth’ provides data which is consistent, easily accessible, secure, and trusted.

With a well-designed BI solution, people spend much less time searching for information only to find they have conflicting results; which take time to resolve. BI allows you to present information in a way that aids understanding and is oriented to decision making ‘in context’. Using interactive analysis, users can more easily find the root cause of problems, locate and transfer best practice, and discover the real drivers of a situation. Scorecards and dashboards can deliver a shared set of targets and measures, giving a common view of where you are, how you’re doing, and where you’re going.

Our Solutions

Listed below are a series of solutions we can offer, in addition to bespoke tool applications:

  • Generic Business Intelligence Solutions
  • Reporting, interactive & advanced analysis, dashboards and visualisation, data exploration, information infrastructure
  • Information Management
  • Data services, integrator & federator, rapid marts, text analysis, metadata management, data insight, data quality management
  • Performance Management
  • Strategy management, planning and consolidation, financial consolation, financial information management, inter-company reconciliation, profitability and cost management, spend and supply chain performance management
  • Governance, risk and compliance
  • Risk management, access and process control, global trade services, environmental health and safety management, sustainability performance management

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