Achieve Full Process Automation from Ordering to Picking in E-Fulfilment

by | Sep 14, 2023 | 3PL Logistics

In the high-speed world of e-commerce, the key to success lies in simplifying your operations and reducing manual tasks to outshine your competitors.

It’s essential to handle large order volumes, meet short delivery deadlines, and cater to the increasing demand from online stores, all while facing the challenge of needing more qualified logistics personnel. In this landscape, automation emerges as a logical solution to these challenges.

The goal is efficiency and a fully automated end-to-end workflow in your e-fulfilment process, with the combined power of DataHub, 3PL Dynamics, and robotic Warehouse Control Systems (WCS).

From order to ”pick-ready” without interference from your employees

Robotic automation has dominated the logistics sector for several years, offering limitless possibilities. However, your operations and software systems must adapt to these advancements. We gladly help you to do so!

Recently, our partner, Boltrics, successfully implemented a fully automated process for one of their clients by harnessing the robust synergy of DataHub, the Warehouse Management System (WMS), and the Warehouse Control System (WCS) from HAI Robotics.

So, how does this remarkable system work? When webshop orders come in, they seamlessly integrate with the WMS through an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) connection. Subsequently, these orders are automatically communicated to the WCS, where precisely controlled robots swiftly pick up the requested items and place them at the packing location without human involvement.

“The modern consumer expects next-day delivery, which presents quite a challenge for logistics service providers. In the past, it would take up to twenty minutes for an order picker to complete a single order.

Now, thanks to the integrations between HAI Robotics and 3PL Dynamics, we can pick a hundred order lines in just five minutes with the push of a button.

This enables us to respond to short delivery times more efficiently,” Fox Global Business Development Manager Rick Voskamp says.

Seamless cooperation between your customer, 3PL Dynamics, and your warehouse robots

Boltrics‘ DataHub links your customer’s e-commerce platform with 3PL Dynamics.

It standardises the electronic order flow, enabling seamless communication of article updates, order reception, and order status updates with tracking information.

Additionally, it facilitates the transmission of shipment details to delivery management solutions like NShift, ensuring that both your customer and the end consumer stay informed about their orders in real time.

But the DataHub’s role continues beyond there. It also acts as a bridge between your logistics software and the WCS, in this case, provided by HAI Robotics.

This integration optimises your entire picking process, from inventory management to replenishment, ensuring that online purchases are readily available for the autonomous robots of the WCS.

“The WMS automatically gives a sign when replenishment is needed. Therefore, we do not have to worry about the available stock in the WCS and the picking process can continue day and night.” says Rick Voskamp, Business Development Manager at Fox Global.

DataHub: the key player in your communication flows

Process-Automation-Order-Picking 1

The most significant advantage of employing DataHub as an intermediary layer between various systems is that it eliminates the need for direct communication between them.

This architecture allows each system to maintain its unique interface, message structure, and authentication method without compromising communication speed. Additionally, DataHub ensures that these systems operate autonomously, swiftly detecting and addressing any malfunctions if they occur.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to stay ahead of the competition and explore the potential of automating your e-fulfilment processes or gain further insights into the integration between 3PL Dynamics and HAI Robotics’ WCS. It’s time to take your next step toward a more efficient and competitive e-commerce operation.

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