Warehouse and Transport Optimisation: Pioneering Load Carrier Traceability

by | Oct 19, 2023 | 3PL Logistics

In top-notch logistics, the seamless coordination of Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) and Transportation Management Systems (TMS) is paramount.

The delicate balance between these two systems can be the linchpin in preventing delays and unwelcome bottlenecks within the logistics domain.

Fortunately, a groundbreaking integrated solution tailored to Boltrics WMS and TMS aims to reduce the need for manual interventions significantly.

This solution has a singular focus: carrier traceability.If you’re already utilising Boltrics TMS alongside another WMS, the door to this gem is now open to you through seamless integration.

The Quest for Carrier Traceability

In the intricate tapestry of the transportation process, one of the most formidable challenges is ensuring the traceability of individual load carriers.

This entails monitoring their delivery status, registering defects, noting damages, and maintaining a rapid follow-up process.

It’s also often necessary to categorise carriers by unit or commodity type, such as ADR, Feed, or Food, enabling the application of different rate calculations.

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Warehousing and Transportation:  Divergent Visions

The warehouse operation primarily centres around gathering and consolidating customer items onto a single load carrier.

This process involves the sprint-like pace of picking and the seamless placement of items, including their corresponding batches.

This contradiction in understanding between warehousing and the transportation process can sometimes resemble a platoon splitting apart during a challenging cycling stage.

The Power of Integration between WMS and TMS

Integration between WMS and TMS has been fine-tuned to tackle this issue head-on.

It’s now possible to effortlessly translate a stock-out scenario into a well-structured and streamlined transport order, even if it comprises one or more mixed pallets.

This transport order consists of product lines with associated individual load carriers, offering the means for efficient tracking and enabling the platoon to maintain full-speed momentum.

Unleashing the Efficiency Sprint

The enhanced integration between WMS and TMS opens several options, depending on your situation.

If you’re already utilising WMS and TMS, you can harness the new status feature to create and configure carrier groupings per your requirements.

If your setup involves an external warehouse, the latest data integration message RCV-SHIPM-TO-ORDER can turbocharge your efficiency efforts.

Initiating Carrier Grouping

For both options, the process begins with creating a grouping aptly labelled “Transport Carrier Grouping.”

This grouping can then be configured as a grouping code in the corresponding function.

For instance, you might group carriers based on product code and carrier type, subsequently generating commodity lines with the product code serving as the commodity code.

If you’re ready to venture into the world of carrier grouping, the following example can serve as your guide:

Embarking on the integration journey between WMS and TMS is akin to a heroic sprint in cycling.

It’s an opportunity for logistics providers to pick up the pace, surge ahead of the competition, and make a significant leap towards optimising efficiency.

The ability to track and trace carriers and goods is achieved at the velocity of a seasoned cyclist. So, get those pedals moving, ignite an explosive sprint, and race towards logistics excellence!

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