Shop Floor Time Collection (SFTC)


In manufacturing, it is crucial to accurately record production output and material consumption. One factor of recording output is time collection for production operations on the shop floor. The shop floor is also involved with various other factors like breaks and stoppages which increase production costs. Recording these activities generates a significant amount of data needing updated in the ERP system, however, time booking is often done on paper. This has several disadvantages such as: possible errors in data entry, data is not real-time since it is entered in the ERP after collecting the paperwork, and additional manpower is used for entering data into the ERP.

The Solution

Mercurius IT has developed a module for Microsoft Dynamics NAV / Business Central which collects shop floor time in a more automated way, eliminating manual tasks. The module has an easy user interface monitor for shop floor operators, enabling them to select the production order and production operation against which time is spent and record the time spent, as well as recording the output posted.

Features and Benefits

    • Real-time, accurate data which is easily transferred to other systems
    • Intuitive screens which make it easy to use the interface
    • Validations in place which reduce user errors in time booking
    • Capable of finishing production orders faster in NAV/BC
    • No duplication of work
    • Online visibility of all the operations in Work Center
    • Online approval of labor time booking.
    • Access software from anywhere since PowerApps is cloud-based.
    • Supervisor can create and manage their own team of operators
    • Barcode enabled
    • Information is made available for real-time data updates
    • Collected time is verified by the supervisor before posted to capacity journals of NAV/BC
    • Automatic closing of operations at the end of the shift


Technology Stack

  • Core Modules: Dynamics NAV/ Business Central Add On using Power Apps that provides “Shop Floor Data Collection Module” for Manufacturing Process
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Mercurius have proven to be a valuable partner to us over the time of our relationship. They have helped us with our growth strategy through M&A support, delivered separation and integration projects and provided us with an honest opinion when we’ve needed it. We are currently working with Mercurius on a number of strategic infrastructure and enterprise level projects and they continue to be an excellent source of independent strategic advice and expert implementation skills. I would be happy to recommend them to any business in need of a value-oriented IT Partner.

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