Case Study on Newitts

A Comprehensive Upgrade Without Business Interruption

2020 10 30 Newitts Case Study


United Kingdom


About Newitts

Newitts is a leading online retailer of sports equipment and sportswear whose success is underpinned by a focus on quality. From swimwear and footballs to exercise machines, Newitts champions fitness in many forms. They have been selling outstanding products since 1902.

The Challenge

Newitts needed an upgrade from NAV 2009 that would be delivered without hindering day-to-day business processes. They were keen to access the new features available in Dynamics NAV 2016 but were struggling to find an approach that was good value for money. This was starting to impact the business, holding Newitts back by not being able to access the new capabilities of the updated product.

The Solution

For a fixed price, we seamlessly migrated Newitts to the most recent version of NAV (NAV 2016) without interrupting day-to-day operations. This was a comprehensive solution that improved critical business processes, right from the go-live date. In retail, an extremely well-organised warehouse and shipping process is fundamental for managing thousands of customers with an order to dispatch expectation of fewer than 24 hours. Newitts had been using a legacy handheld device for receipt and put-away processes in the warehouse. We replaced their warehouse management software within NAV along with developing barcode reader functionality which used the Tablet camera. In addition, to speed up the processing of item measurement data, we implemented a mobile scanner that reads barcodes shown on the screen of their scale machine.

Solution Version and Extensions

  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016
  • A tablet device with access to NAV, replacing the legacy barcode device
  • Item measurement scanner that reads barcodes shown directly on the mobile device screen
  • Payment reconciliation functionality of NAV 2016 and enhanced reconcile payments received over PayPal and Scribe.
  • Dashboard for warehouse users to see activities performed in the warehouse by warehouse employees


  • More efficient warehouse management
  • Enhanced integrations for online sales
  • Put-aways in real-time; reducing effort, time, and errors
“Not only did Mercurius beat our existing partner’s quote by a significant margin, they did it at a fixed price removing our commercial risk.” — Nicholas Newitt – Director

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