Microsoft Copilot for Dynamics 365 Customer Insights and Marketing

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Understanding what customers want and targeting your delivery to meet their preferences is critical for driving personalised customer experiences. To glean customer insights, Microsoft Copilot utilises generative AI that allows you to use natural language to ask questions, which gives you high-quality insights about your target customers.  

End users such as product and service sellers and marketing teams can use Copilot features in marketing to better understand their audience and deliver a tailored service without the need for IT support or a raft of other tools in their sales funnel.  

For example, suppose your marketing team wants to run a campaign encouraging customer loyalty and repeat purchasing. In that case, you can ask Microsoft Copilot, “How many customers have spent £500 or more with us in the last year but are not on our subscriber list?”

The results will help your marketing team create an email campaign targeting that customer segment, encouraging them to subscribe to your newsletter or join your loyalty programme to receive exclusive discount codes or special offers. 

The beauty of this system is that by leveraging Copilot for data analysis, your marketing team can ask questions in everyday language to help them assess and understand their customers’ needs, purchasing behaviours, and website activities. They can save time and effort because they don’t need to search for and analyse the data themselves. 

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Enhancing marketing strategies with Copilot

Think of Copilot as an AI-powered assistant explicitly built for Microsoft Dynamics 365, a business application suite. Copilot will help you craft and manage effective marketing campaigns without the need to source essential data from other sources. Whether you plan to create emails, segments, or whole customer journeys, Copilot helps simplify and speed up the process.  

Copilot capabilities in Customer Insights aim to save users time on administrative tasks and help them focus on more strategic work by providing intelligent suggestions and automation within Dynamics 365. In marketing workflows, you can amend or reset your goals and refine your approach in Copilot without returning to the drawing board.  

Copilot will enable you to tailor your customer journeys to fit their needs using customer insights, whether to deliver a FOMO/impulse purchase or a long-term repeat subscription from your target customer segment.

Examples of how to use Microsoft Copilot

Here are some ways to use Copilot in Dynamics 365 Customer Insights. When engaging with Copilot, ensure that you use naturally flowing conversational language. 

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Use query assist to target the right customers

Use natural language and familiar words to describe your criteria—for example, “customers who purchased lipstick last month.” Copilot will then create segments for your customer journeys.

It will suggest search terms and refine the language to deliver optimal results. The system’s built-in natural language processing (NLP) capabilities allow it to understand the context and adjust as the conversation evolves. 


Use AI assistance to create journeys

Add the main objectives and goals using natural language, and Copilot will craft a step-by-step journey for you. Your intent will be analysed to produce suggestions for insightful touchpoints and milestones, delivering an effective journey-building system whenever you need it.

For example, enter “create a journey to deliver a welcome email to all new newsletter subscribers,” Copilot will generate a compelling journey for you. Modifying journeys by adding or removing steps or altering parameters is easy.


Create effective emails

Type in key points you want included, or set a tone of voice and topic to convey your message. Copilot will then generate engaging email content for you. You can brainstorm and list some ideas, and Copilot will use them to create compelling email drafts you can use.

The system will understand your context for the message, generating email content that fits perfectly with your chosen tone and intent.  


Use AI-assisted themes with emails

Use Copilot to enhance your email communications and make them more eye-catching and visually appealing to your target audience. Describe your preferences, and Copilot will style your emails for you.

For example, type in “make this email look more professional with a sleek and modern theme” or “give this email message a fun and friendly theme” and let Copilot work its magic!



Microsoft Copilot and Dynamics 365 Customer Insights work together seamlessly to help boost the effectiveness of your marketing. Using these tools, you can streamline administrative tasks and unlock customer insights using natural language questions.  

Dynamics 365 Marketing with Copilot allows your marketing team to craft fully customisable campaigns that can be personalised to fit the targeted segments you want to engage with to build trust and forge stronger connections. 

Unsure if personalised marketing with Copilot is for you? Explore some of our Case Studies to learn more. 

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