Insight Hub


Insight Hub is a user-configurable dashboard solution which allows them to create their personalised view. It caters for their need to manage daily tasks with greater efficiency. It allows the user to narrow down to the significant data points which require immediate attention and emphasise it using different colours.

The Insight Hub boasts an array of salient features allowing for less contact with the development team.


Mercurius IT has created a new customisable dashboard that can be used across departments. The Insight Hub gives the user autonomy to display the information most relevant to their work on the front NAV or Business Central screen (role centre).

Features and Benefits

  • Dashboard configuration from the role centre
  • Use of images from the pre-loaded repository
  • Utilisation of colours and fonts to flag a cue 
  • Option to subscribe to the view of others
  • Personalise a specific view
  • Align a relevant colour to the current tile
  • Utilise the traffic light feature to schedule email notifications
  • Save time and prioritise tasks
  • Easily configurable
  • Customisable across all departments
  • User friendly
  • Easily create and modify views
  • Create multiple groups based on functional areas
  • Easy data access
  • Smart and defined filter capability

Technology Stack

Core Modules: Dynamics NAV/ Business Central Add On.

Insight Hub

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