Mercurius IT delivered Microsoft SharePoint based Solution to a Major services delivery partner to the UK Government for extended enterprise automation; improving turnaround times, reducing costs & improving outcomes.

The Challenge

The customer delivers a variety of government based contracted services to a wide range of users throughout the UK. Providing process support was complex, repetitive and continually added complexity to the overall landscape because the scope of each contract was unique.

This resulted in slow response times, duplication of efforts, unnecessary overheads and higher costs. 

The Solution

By working with Mercurius IT to build a reusable set of SharePoint based process components, they were able to address these key challenges with improvements across the whole enterprise.

Each contract could be delivered by building a unique end-to-end process where the vast majority of elements were reused, but in a way which could quickly align to unique requirements.

All using a scalable and robust architecture…

The Results

A flexible and scalable package of generic components that could be rapidly configured in support of a wide variety of end-to-end processes to contract demands.

It is now possible to more accurately predict the costs associated with building the infrastructure needed to deliver the different services during the tender process – as well as ensuring these are significantly lower than taking a case by case approach. This means more predictable and lower operational costs by reducing set-up time and lowering delivery efforts.

Following contract award, the infrastructure can be much more quickly deployed meaning the risk of late delivery of services is lower, internal users can be more quickly trained and services more efficiently and effectively delivered.

What the customer says

Enterprise Solution Architect: ‘Working with Mercurius really helped us minimise our costs by maximising reuse. Their solution has provided us with a scalable and adaptable approach for the future, integrated with our business process management and back office systems it has improved productivity; ultimately helping our bottom line.’