Accelerate Purchase Orders with Continia Document Capture

by | Jun 24, 2021 | Business Central, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Data entry can be time consuming. Accountants know this all too well, particularly when it comes to purchase orders and purchase invoices. Without the right tools, businesses can be inefficient when ensuring the correct documents have the correct information and are sent to the correct individuals.
Here is where our partner Continia can help!
Continia Document Capture can save a huge amount of time, especially for accountants. It is the best and most comprehensive end-to-end add-on solution for Microsoft Dynamics (NAV and Business Central) that scans, extracts OCR-data, registers, posts, and archives all types of documents with full-text search capability.
Benefits of Continia Document Capture
  • Automated data capture
  • Invoice processing and management
  • Approval workflows for everyone
  • Access documents from anywhere
Step-by-step Solution Overview
    1. Scanned copies of PDF documents received from suppliers will be emailed to Continia Cloud Services.
    2. Continia Cloud Services convert them into OCR format (optical character recognition) formats.
    3. Accountants within organisation can map those OCR Layouts into Supplier specific templates which are used for creating Purchase Invoices.
    4. Purchase Invoice can be matched with existing Purchase Order & Purchase Receipt Lines with seamless workflow technologies.
    5. Subsequently, when supplier sends invoice or credit note, Continia add on automatically recognises and applies the particular templates, then applies it to OCR copy of invoice and converts it into Purchase Invoice of BC.
    6. Accountant can save lots of time around data entry for repetitive purchase invoices into Business Central.

Click here if you are interested in reading about how Continia document capture enhanced Tile Mountain’s efficiency.

Below are even more advanced features of Continia OCR Services

  • Matching of Purchase Invoice with Purchase Order and Goods Receipt Note for Qty, Direct Unit Cost and Overall Purchase Order Amount
  • Continia OCR Translation feature for translating values captured on Document Header of OCR Document, Document Line of OCR Document, and Value captured in Document for Specific Field.
  • Configurable Workflow for Approval of Purchase Invoice and Purchase Credit Memos.
      Continia Web Approval Portal for approving purchase invoices and credit memos over Continia web.
  • Drag & Drop feature for attaching different documents with any table entity within Business Central.
  • Split & Merge feature for splitting/removing the blank pages within Suppliers Purchase invoice OCR Copies.
  • Continia OCR for creating Sales Order from Customers Purchase Orders
  • Automated workflow for comments (Errors, Warning, and Information) and delegation of the same.
  • Creating Purchase Invoices for XML Files.
  • Creation of new document categories, get documents OCR through Continia services and attachment of documents with Business Central transaction (e.g. taking signatures on Posted Shipment as Proof of deliveries and attachment of the POD document on posted sales shipment).
Other Continia Add-On Solutions
Continia Expense Management

Through the Continia Expense App, employees can do their expense reporting on the go in just a few steps: they take a picture, fill out required fields and send directly to bookkeeping. Mileage registration is handled in the same way.

Continia Document Output

Continia Document Output helps to send the documents to customer & vendors such as Sales Invoices, Purchase Orders, Customer Statements by configuring & creating own email body layouts & templates.

Continia Web Approval Portal

Helps to approve expenses and different documents on Continia Web Portal for Non NAV Users.

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