Extended Enterprise Automation

Microsoft SharePoint Solution

Extended Enterprise Automation

Many businesses offer more than one service and require a solution that allows them to rapidly adapt to secure new ventures.

Our solution is a configurable set of components that can be rapidly assembled and scaled to manage a range of processes. Each new service can be delivered by building a unique end-to-end process where the vast majority of elements are reused, but in a way which can quickly be aligned to each set of requirements.

We implemented the solution for A4e (now PeoplePlus), integrating with their ERP and CRM systems and also their Business Process Automation; allowing them to successfully execute a variety of government-based contracted services across the UK. We later extended the solution to provide fully-integrated front-end web portals used by members of the community to access training, advice and mentoring. There are now more than 400 users of the solution.

Customer Story - Extended Enterprise Automation

Read how Mercurius IT used Microsoft SharePoint to deliver significant productivity improvements and a scalable and adaptable solution for the future.

What success looks like to our customers

Working with Mercurius really helped us minimise our costs by maximising reuse.

Their solution has provided us with a scalable and adaptable approach for the future, integrated with our business process management and back office systems it has improved productivity; ultimately helping our bottom line.

Tom Skalycz

Enterprise Architect, PeoplePlus (formerly A4e)