Optimise Your Logistics with Drivers App: A Modern Alternative to Onboard Computers

by | Oct 12, 2023 | 3PL Logistics

In today’s customer-centric world, logistics companies face a constant challenge: how to optimise their operations, reduce costs, and enhance the overall customer experience while navigating through unpredictable circumstances like traffic congestion, rising fuel costs, and a strained labour market.

A game-changing solution rapidly gaining traction is using driver apps, accessible on your smartphone or tablet, delivering real-time data and insights to simplify trip management.

While onboard computers have been a longstanding staple in the industry, the power of a well-designed app offers a cost-effective and flexible alternative.

Let’s delve into the compelling advantages that make a driver app an appealing choice for transportation companies of all sizes.

Top 5 Key Features of a Driver App

User-Friendly and Device-Independent

The drivers’ app is crafted simply. All the essential information is at your fingertips, effortlessly accessible without extensive training or technical expertise.

The app eliminates the hassle of manually updating trip lists, ensuring that new orders and changes are instantly available to the driver.

Cost-Effective – Pay only for what you use

Say goodbye to expensive hardware and complex platform integrations.

An app is typically more budget-friendly than an onboard computer, with no upfront investments in hardware or software.

You can save money by harnessing your drivers’ devices while gaining access to valuable data and insights.

For example, the Boltrics App Platform is fully integrated into 3PL Dynamics and is entirely cloud-based, eliminating extra costs for hardware and maintenance.

Instant Proof of Deliveries in Your System 

Streamline order management and eliminate manual administrative tasks.

Has your driver arrived at the destination, and is everything in order?

A confirmation of Proof of Delivery (POD) via the app is all it takes, and it’s instantly processed in your system, keeping all relevant parties informed. Ready to send out an invoice? This process can be automated without additional effort.

Flexibility in Device and Use

Opting for a device-independent app offers more flexibility than a fixed onboard computer. The App Platform also provides a different dimension of flexibility: configurability. For instance, specific screens can be customised to record specific assignment details.

Seamless, Real-Time Integration

Bid farewell to paper forms and the need to manually integrate Excel files into the system—no more time-consuming administrative tasks. Everything you do within the App Platform is directly connected to 3PL Dynamics, ensuring you never duplicate your efforts.


Top 3 Crucial Features of the App Platform

Save Time, Eliminate Errors

The App Platform saves significant time and reduces the risk of errors. All information is consolidated within a single application.

You can easily assign new tasks or inform your drivers about changes directly from 3PL Dynamics by updating the order status.

Drivers automatically receive updates when something changes, minimising the chance of oversights.

Real-Time Insights, Real-Time Communication

With the App Platform, your planner has real-time insights into the progress of journeys, enabling quick response to delays and improved communication with customers regarding order statuses—no more juggling between different platforms.

Up and Down Scalability

The App Platform allows for quick and effortless scaling, which is invaluable as your company grows or shrinks when utilising charters as a transport company or dealing with seasonal fluctuations.

You can select a subscription based on your expected transaction volume and pay a fixed monthly fee.

Are you ready to unlock the potential of an online app for your transportation needs?

Do you want to explore the possibilities of Boltrics’ App Platform, automate communications with customers and suppliers, and improve your logistics operations?

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