Virtual Warehouse

The Solution

Mercurius IT has developed a module for Microsoft Dynamics NAV / Business Central which increases the overall efficiency of warehouse management. This is done through a virtual view of warehouse layout and racks which helps with rack storage management. The solution improves organisation and provides a clear view of all the items in a warehouse, including what stage they are at and how to store them as effectively as possible. It is particularly suited for businesses working in manufacture, distribution, and retail.

Features and Benefits

    • Mobile application to see virtual view of warehouse racks
    • Assign bins for specific item categories
    • Have a virtual view of empty bins by item category
    • See front view of rack and its bin content.
    • Quickly check bin availability based on item category and available storage space
    • Design warehouse top view layout by moving the rack position.
    • See the empty bins by item category

Technology Stack

  • Core Modules: Dynamics NAV/ Business Central Add On using Mobile App that provides “Virtual Warehouse Mapping” for Warehouse Management Process
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