Dynamics 365 Business Central Feature Comparison



Basic functionality


Existing functionality was enhanced in this version

Starter Pack

The starter pack gives you core Financials and Distribution functionality

Extended Pack

The Extended Pack integrates core financials and distribution management functionality with industry-specific extensions

Key Differences between Business Central and previous NAV versions

Previous NAV versions no longer supported

  • NAV 2016 and prior versions of NAV are already out of primary support from Microsoft. This means there will not be any other updates from Microsoft for these versions. By the end of this year, NAV 2017 will no longer be supported.

Productivity Improvements

  • In Business Central (BC), there are several productivity improvements in terms of how users work in the system. A few of these include: Combine shipments, Customer Payment Registration, Vendor Payments directly from Ledger, easy Azure Machine Learning integration.

Integration with Microsoft Excel and Outlook

  • On the technical side, there is a robust integration with Excel (much different from NAV) as Excel allows you to push the data back to BC. There’s also a fantastic integration with Microsoft Outlook, enabling the majority of Purchase & Sales activities (Contact, Quote, Order, Customer details, Item details) to be managed from within Business Central.
Integration with Microsoft Teams

  • BC is readily integrated with Microsoft Teams as well. People can simply interchange ideas and data using teams without opening BC separately.
Power BI reports available in BC

  • If you use or plan to use Power BI, the tool displays reports from within Business Central. End users don’t need to open the Power BI portal to view the reports.
Extension feature makes future upgrades easier

  • Development in BC does not require a development license and all developments must follow a “plug & play” concept of extensions. Due to this new technology of extensions, once any NAV instance is upgraded to BC, future upgrades will be automatic (if you are in SaaS) or of very minimal cost (if you remain On-Premise).
Named licenses instead of concurrent

  • The License model is moving from concurrent in NAV to named in BC. But as a promotion, Microsoft will give you 3 times the number of your current licenses if you remain on-Premise or give 40% discount on Licenses if you move to SaaS. In addition, when you move your BC to SaaS, licences and infrastructure are taken care of by Microsoft.

General Functionalities

BC General Functionalities

Financial Management

BC Financial Mngmt


BC Manufacturing

Supply Chain Management

BC Supply Chain Mngmt

Business Intelligence and Reporting

BC BI Reporting

Service Management

BC Service Mngmt

Project Management

BC Project Mngmt

Sales & Marketing

Bc Sales Marketing

Cloud, Workflow and Documents

BC Cloud Workflow Docs